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ROB Logistics GmbH

Years of experience, an international network: We are your partner for professional industrial logistics

ROB Logistics GmbH supplies the full scope of logistics services for industry: export processing, transport packaging, transport logistics, added value logistics. National and international, by road, air, and sea. We carry out your order, choosing the best and fastest route and the fairest conditions.

To do this, we use the global network of partners we have built up over the years for reliable, dependable services. We are familiar with specific national conditions as well as with special travel requirements for specific product types.

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Logistics services

Industrial logistics

  1. Pick and place
  2. Packaging
  3. Transport
  4. Export and customs procedures
  5. DOA and RMA development
  6. Spare parts service
  7. Logistics support
  8. Freight management

Logistics services


Secure packaging of your goods for transport is handled by our experienced team qualified to deal with the specific requirements in this field. This also applies to goods of non-standard size, oversize or heavy consignments. We always supply the right packaging material and the necessary equipment in the right quantities.

We comply with ISPM Nr. 15 requirements for wood packaging material and hold the appropriate certification. Our flexible personnel planning enables us to handle peak orders efficiently even at short notice.

Logistics services


We offer numerous services that go beyond routine tasks, including:

  • Individual enquiries from Internet platforms concerning rates and transport capacities
  • Goods delivery management for projects and rollouts
  • Organization of special transport

We are in direct contact with most of our freight carrier and parcel service partners via EDI interface, ensuring highly automated and smooth communication. We have collection arrangements in place with all major carriers, so that next-day delivery can be guaranteed in many cases. Our sophisticated loading system ensures that all shipments are loaded rapidly without delay, largely eliminating wait times for the transport vehicles. To find out more about our shipping expertise, just contact us – we’re happy to answer your questions!

Logistics services

Logistics support

We take care of every aspect of organizing your transport order, throughout every phase.

  • At the warehouse we look after order picking and placing, produce customer-specific delivery documents and draw up optimized delivery routes.
  • We plan the necessary cargo space for all types of freight and produce all necessary freight, shipping and export documents. We ensure compliance with specific requirements for air freight safety and security and hazardous goods transport, take care of LC (Letter of Credit) business and settle customer-related freight charges (invoice verification, account assignment).
  • We look after all aspects of customs clearance, apply for all customs permits and inform the responsible authorities about any reports required. We archive all customs documentation.
  • Further services include DOA and RMA handling, spare parts service and installation/testing of logistics-related hardware and software.

Logistics services

Freight management

In freight management, we work with state-of-the-art electronic tools for transport assignment, develop continuous improvement concepts for transport efficiency and are familiar with performance-based freight pricing.

In-depth professional analysis in relation to costs, insurance, transport duration and many other parameters provides the basis for our integrated, tailored transport concepts and optimized added-value services, ideally designed for companies’ rapidly changing organization and workflow needs.

Logistics services

Facts & Figures

  • Quality management
    Our process quality is documented by numerous certifications, including ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISPM No.15 Standard.
  • Specialist team
    Our team is made up of qualified multilingual employees who have long-standing experience in international logistics and are familiar with the specific conditions in individual countries.
  • Flexibility
    We are dedicated to serving our customers whatever their requirement, large or small – from rapid spare parts delivery (“Emergency Spare Parts”) and direct customer supply to project-related shipping of large-scale machinery.
  • Efficiency
    We continuously optimize our processes and draw on our global network of partners to guarantee your order is completed in the shortest possible time. For orders within Germany and Europe and in third countries, delivery can be effected within one working day. We operate fixed truck routes for daily rapid processing of air freight orders.