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Electronics production
  1. Materials management
  2. Production technologies
  3. Production capacities
  4. Testing technologies
  5. Services

Electronics production

The ROB Group is a leading producer of build-to-order electronic modules and systems.

At the ROB Group, specialists in various disciplines work closely together. This enables us to focus our core competencies on our customers’ needs and create solutions that are always the perfect match.

With a wealth of expertise, experience and reliability, we are a full service partner for all areas of electronics, guaranteeing maximum innovative strength and flexibility.

Our experience in numerous fields, including

  • Automation technology
  • Automotive electronics
  • Building services and safety engineering
  • Medical engineering and technology
  • Measurement and control technology
  • Telecommunications
  • Household appliances
  • Renewable energies

forms the bedrock of our professional service.

Electronics production

Materials management

From electronic components and mechanical elements to ready-to-ship sales packaging, we deliver outstanding expertise in procurement.

Backed by our state-of-the-art inventory management system and fully automated warehouse, we assure high availability and process security in all aspects of materials management. Our priority is to offer competitive pricing coupled with uncompromising quality.

Electronics production

Production technologies

  1. SMT assembly
  2. THT assembly
  3. Convection reflow
  4. Vapour phase reflow
  5. Selective soldering
  6. Protective coatings for PCBs
  7. PCB encapsulation (Macromelt® Moulding)

Electronics production

Production capacities

Our ultra-modern and fully automatic SMD assembly lines are equipped with an array of Siemens pick-and-place machines. These state-of-the-art machines guarantee fast, precise production of all your SMD assemblies.

All fully automated reflow processes are performed in a controlled nitrogen atmosphere (protective gas) and are available as leaded and unleaded processes.

Manufacturing capacity – SMT assembly

Maximum output 3 billion assemblies p. a.
Minimum assembly dimensions Type 01005
Maximum assembly dimensions 120 mm²
Fine pitch placement to 0.3 mm
Circuit board dimensions max. 610 mm x 460 mm
Reflow Vapour phase reflow, convection reflow

Manufacturing capacity – THT assembly

Maximum assembly output 200 million assemblies p.a.
Automated assembly preparation  
Semi-automatic assembly with laser assembly benches  
Double wave soldering  
Selective soldering  
Board dimensions max. 650 mm x 450/500 mm

Electronics production

Testing technologies

We offer a broad array of testing methods to guarantee function and quality.

Testing procedures:

In-circuit testing X-ray testing
Functional testing Automatic visual inspection
Flying probe Combined testing
Climatic testing Safety category testing
Burn-in testing Custom testing
Run-in testing Polished section analyses for soldered and crimp connections
High-voltage testing Sequential testing technology for production testing
Cable testers  

Electronics production


  • Prototyping and pilot production
    We use prototype and pilot production as the basis for optimized serial production.
  • Device and system assembly
    We offer complete assembly of electronic devices and systems, including final functional testing and professional sales packaging.
  • Logistics
    Our logistics services include professional packaging and optional shipping to your end-users.
  • Repairs and parts service
    At ROB, our service doesn’t end with delivery. We provide a repair service and fully supplied spare parts service as a matter of course.